You have a well-established eCommerce or a blog site and want to experiment with adding a communication space; you are in the right place. Here, we highlight some of the best WordPress forum themes to create a conversational pool or realistically “forum.” These themes have all the necessary features and are integrated with the popular social plugin to design an interactive forum. So, let’s have a look at the list to decide the best tool for your site.


Gwangi is considered best among the WordPress forum themes that mainly focused on matrimonial and matchmaking groups. You have a variety of six built-in demos to create addicting dating sites for youth and the privileged. Gwangi includes one demo with simple features for general-purpose use instead of targeting the dating community. However, that demo is customizable to match your desires.

It comes with WordPress Customizer Interface and Custom Widgets to adjust site elements of the forum. You can add a complete list of user portfolios and give them a lifetime opportunity to connect on mutual interest. WooCommerce Plug-in enables you to monetize social forums and dating sites. As a forum theme should have a discussion board, Gwangi never fails you with its integrated bbPress Plug-in.


Disputo is a WordPress forum theme with a specialized bbPress Plugin to offer exciting features and premium add-ons to create striking online forums. Though, Disputo itself has forum-related elements like a monetized-ads manager, social media integration, and rating system. Disputo allows users to post their content online, plus a reporting button to ensure positive communal interaction.

Demos are easy to import and customized options so you can personalize them with your exclusive content. It has a synchronized drag and drops page Builder to drive you crazy with unlimited functionalities for a stunning forum site. You can enjoy an online Disputo demo before picking out the theme, so go and grab it right now.


Among the professional WordPress forum themes, ForumPress works concurrently with bbPress to create engaging forum websites. It has an amazingly built premade layout that showcases the forum’s discussion board at the very front of your site. However, customization is still feasible to create a homepage of your preference.

As expected, ForumPress comes with bbPress powered templates for homepage, user accounts, forum topics, and much more. You have options for live search and a Quick Setup Guide to facilitate viewers in reaching their desired content on uniformed sites. Plus, a customization tool will help you build your brand to your site, isn’t it amazing! ForumPress is an ideal choice for those who are in search of one purpose forum WordPress theme.


Socialize is one of those WordPress forum themes having a specialty in the social and community site. Although, you can design an online discussion forum with the support of Socialize backed by the bbPress plugin. If your priorities change, or you want to build a more community-specific site, get this job done with the integrated BuddyPress plugin.

The theme has a bundle of BuddyPress and bbPress templates, so adding private messaging, user profiles, and discussion boards are just like a breeze. Another plus point of having Socialize is the four appealing homepage designs and a designated area for magnetized ads. Your audience can post or comment on the upcoming events you publish to the site, courtesy of the calendaring and Page Builder tool. Lastly, it contains WPBakery Page Builder Tool to offer smooth customization without coding.


Olympus is another example of some newly released WordPress forum themes that offer full support to the bbPress plugin. You have unique templates for every single page to create an overall consistent look at the site. There is a WPBakery Page Builder Plug-in inside of the package, so you are free to unveil your creativity in full swing. Feel free to add exclusive features like a pricing chart, video player, and a lot more.

To integrate the forum with social networking elements, Olympus includes an option of the BuddyPress plugin. The theme has given a final touch with WooCommerce compatibility to introduce features like subscription packages, listing and selling of products, and maintaining payments. It’s easy to kick-start an online forum with the help of the Olympus theme.


OneCommunity allows you to create a full-spectrum forum, thanks to the integration of BuddyPress and bbPress Plug-in. To create an engaging and well-designed discussion board is just a matter of a few clicks with the help of 40+ already-made templates. The most intriguing element is the presence of AJAX Search, meaning your members can search what they are looking for in no time.

You can create some exciting blogs to engage members and guess what; they can earn points for showing maximum participation with GamiPress Reward System. Additionally, Elementor Page Builder, WPBakery Builder, and Visual Composer, OneCommunity, comes with an all-inclusive bundle to design a picture-perfect forum.


There are few WordPress forum themes with a strong connection to social networking, and Kleo is one of them. Kleo can help you build an online forum to entertain a group of society in the most engaging conversation.

Some latest released layouts ensure a well-maintained site to compete against the best forums available online. You will find plenty of options in the demo library to design a sober forum site. If you want to insert a discussion forum over a different kind of website, Kleo is more than ready for it.

Along with the support of BuddyPress, eCommerce, and bbPress plugin, you will observe multiple choices of the widget through which navigation to interactive spaces has been made easy.  Kleo has that magical element to design forums of your preference.


Besocial is among the few WordPress forum themes that offer great flexibility to the users. You can fine-tune every aspect of your website with the help of an intuitive visual interface. Besocial has integrated the SiteOrigin Builder Tool that also comes with add-ons, so customization of content has just gotten as simple as possible.

When it comes to community-based forums and social interaction between them, Besocial offers a premium featured member widget and stats widget. The former focuses on the most active member of the community while the latter shows the statistical analysis for, let’s say, members, posts, and comments.

Likewise, to other themes, Besocial also comes with the package of BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce. These plugins make the promotion of new content an effortless task alongside the opportunity to boost earning of the site.


Many WordPress forum themes have one dominant feature, and Lynk has that factor in forming a bold social networking segment. But don’t think like it’s the only feature it contains, as this forum theme has the full support of bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce plugin, not to forget their bundle of add-ons. It covers everything required to design a forum and other interactive features for your site.

If you want to encourage your members to share their reviews, products, or anything else, Lynk provides you a feature of the online directory. You can display any upcoming events on-site, owing to the events calendar component. Interestingly, its developer offers six-month support alongside an in-built installer to guide users working on this theme. Don’t you think that this offer makes it worthy of your selection!


We have many multi-purpose WordPress forum themes, but Sway has the most minimalistic and easy-to-read designs. After all, an online discussion forum should have a clean look to the site so that viewers can walk through their subject of interest and join in that social community.

You can build a forum site or the sites for other niches, courtesy of the integrated Page Builder and 50+ ready-to-use layouts to showcase your content. That means making a forum followed by adding a blog section, eCommerce functionality, or whatever you want! This WordPress theme has that magical element to design the best forums.


We hope that you have already picked up one of the best WordPress forum themes when going through this list for your site. These themes have the best ratings among users; exclusive-social elements and integrated plugins all make them an excellent tool. Don’t hesitate to get your hands on one and start running around your forum like a pro.

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