Dart Coupon – WordPress Template

Dart Coupon – WordPress Template

Affiliate marketers need WordPress coupon theme a lot.  As an Affiliate Marketer, you have to deal with a various kind of coupon Offer. You have to keep pace with the current coupon offer. It will be so comfortable for you if you can gather all the available coupons in a place on online like on a website. Many developers developed many kinds of WordPress coupon theme. Among them, Dart coupon WordPress coupon theme is newly launched. It is designed simply with awesome color texture. It provides many trendy features with smooth performance.

An affiliate marketer will find his dream coupon website by using our theme we hope. The number of active coupons, Top featuring coupon, Top shops is shown in different widgets, so your visitors can explore the top features without any facing any trouble. Moreover, this is fully responsive WordPress theme so a marketer can get access to his/her website from anywhere they want and keep the flow of their work uninterrupted.

Live Demo Version: 1.0.0 Release date: 22, Apr 2018 Last update: 22, Apr 2018
Categories: WordPress Themes
Responsivness make your website super accessible and user firendly from any device, so every visitor can access your website like a charm and make things easily.
Shortcodes are too much handy for better code distribution and make complex feature easily. varity of shortcode support your task may compress in half way.
You can easily transalted this theme to your local languages, so visitor in your area may love it too much and appriceate.
Browser support
We have tested this theme for browser compatibility to ensure that its works well on every popular browsers.
This theme support varity of widgets, so you can display widgetize content. widgets are helpful for better use of every part of your website.
Unlimited colors
Unlimited color means varity of presantation, you can choose yourself for best choice of color.
Advertisement areas
Monetizing your website is first priority for extra earning by displaying ads on different part of your website, so advertiser can choose what best place for them.
Dart Coupon – WordPress Template
Coupon Archive
Like other coupon websites have arranged their coupons in different sections, on the other hand, Dart coupon theme has a feature called Coupon Archive.  There all the coupons are arranged nicely. Also in this  WordPress coupon theme, there is coupon search widget, top store widget, top category widget.
Dart Coupon – WordPress Template
Coupon Archive Ads
In coupon archive section, there is an option for giving ads between coupons.  Not only one but also many ads can be added there. It will add some extra income to your pocket which you will get from those ads!
Dart Coupon – WordPress Template
Coupon Submit
Many big and Top stores want to spread their coupon offer through the internet. For this reason, the coupon websites are their main target. Our WordPress coupon theme has the feature "coupon submit". By this awesome feature, stores can submit their coupon to your site.
Dart Coupon – WordPress Template
Like other WordPress coupon themes, our best coupon WordPress theme has blog option. But it is designed beautifully. We can guarantee you that like our blogging option you won't find another match. our blogging option has categories widget. Main blogs are arranged nicely with featuring thumbnail with high-quality photo.
Dart Coupon – WordPress Template
Ending Soon Coupons
Many WordPress coupon themes don't have this option. Dart coupon theme has this option on home page. By this feature, visitors can easily notice them. This an awesome feature that is most desirable in any responsive WordPress Theme.
Dart Coupon – WordPress Template
Coupon Code Modal
Many coupon sites do not have this Feature. Its kinda new and trendy feature currently. Whenever any visitor clicks on a coupon to get a code, a pop-up banner will show up with a code. By pressing for a very short time it will be copied to the clipboard so no more crtl+c is needed to copy it.
Dart Coupon – WordPress Template
Coupon Code Modal Ads
In coupon model, there is an option available for giving ads next to coupon code model. This will give you more option for earning and this feature is new, you won't find it in many responsive WordPress themes.


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