WordPress has been part of many projects especially in building a website. No matter what kind of website you are building, there will always be a WordPress theme that best suits your project. In the case of political WordPress themes, you’ll be able to find political themes and templates which have been proven to promote many candidates and other political candidates. These themes build unique and stylish blogs for them.

Building your website is never been a hard task to do since we already have political themes and political website templates which provide pre-built demos that will serve as your partner in building your website. Most of these theme provides features which enable you to collect online donations and even share important dates and expect for a more unique and a very responsive design.

Below is the list of the best political WordPress themes to help you build the website for a specific politician or candidate. The list contains the features of each theme and their specific area of expertise.

Candidate – Political/Non-Profit/Church WordPress Theme


Political WordPress Themes

This theme has been part of the non-profit organization but, it is also suited for creating a political website. This political WordPress themes is a flexible theme that will help you to raise awareness for your specific project and campaign. This can also be used in building websites for charity, church, and much more. All the needed tools are found here such as the power settings, the Visual Composer, and many other helpful features that will every candidate to build their perfect website. Its website also includes other features such as the social media content, blogs for your website, and the ability to provide you with social media features.

Candidate – Political WordPress Theme


political wordpress themes

The candidate is a political theme and a renowned WordPress for many public figures and politicians. This theme has been considered as the top political WordPress themes of today. The theme contains political website template which is suited for political candidates. It contains flexible designs and other option that addresses the social issue and can easily reach out to many supporters. The theme has been an inspiration to many political individuals and has been a part of their success as public figures.

Campaign – Political WordPress Theme


political wordpress themes

If you are in a political race at this moment and you are planning to build a website that will help you on your race, then Campaign can be your perfect Political WordPress themes. The theme just made it possible for WP Email Capture that is built to help your website collect names and emails. On its header, there is also a donation set up. Whatever type of party you are from, this Political Theme can handle your political race.

Nominee – Political WordPress Theme for Candidate/Political Leader


political wordpress themes

Nominee WordPress Theme is a theme that creates white and/or dark space and enables for a clean feel to the website. The theme has a nicely spaced element that creates a clean design for the website. If you are looking for a fresh and clean design for your website, the Politician theme is a great deal for you. Though the theme is far from the minimal themes, yet uses edges that are extremely clean and it also provides a clean background for a better web experience.

Politico – Responsive Political Campaign WP Theme


This wonderful theme is one of the ideal political themes for any political campaign website. It is a responsive theme that contains a great slider for the image on its homepage. It also comes with tooltips, donates button, support, and slideshow options. Politico is a great political website templates that includes lots of customization options and a retina-ready theme.

Political WordPress Theme – FrontRunner


Political WordPress Theme

This Political WordPress Theme is a theme for your website Campaign, Candidate, Interest group, and for a Political Party. The theme contains multiple demos just like the homepage demos. It also has a landing page template that you can use for generating and creating more leads for your fundraising with the help of its donation button and other features. FrontRunner theme will help you for a successful campaign, with your business cards and even cover templates on Facebook.

Campaign – Political WordPress Theme


political wordpress themes

You can easily jumpstart your campaign with these political website templates. Aside from Candidate, here comes another powerful theme for your website – the Campaign. The campaign is a user-friendly political WordPress Theme that contains an intuitive framework and themes with powerful options. Once your visitors arrived at your website, they will be all invited to subscribe to the newsletter on your site. Getting the right look for your website is the main job of this theme and it also controls the colors and the settings of your website.

Right Way – Political WordPress Theme


political website templatesA modern and creative theme – that is the right way. It is being used by many people because of its bright design and attractiveness. The theme solely focused on politicians and is one of the best website themes for any public figure. This theme can be the perfect one who is planning for a political party. It also provides an opportunity to choose from the different styles, video backgrounds, bookmark panels, and many more options.

Election – Political WordPress Theme


Political WordPress Theme

If you are a political candidate or a blogger, these political WordPress themes will give you a creative and unique website design. It promotes a mobile-friendly website, SEO-friendly, and easy access. The theme also consists of a responsive theme which makes it good-looking for a smartphone and even on a large desktop monitor. The theme is compatible with all modern trends of a smartphone today.

CityGov – City Government & Municipal WordPress Theme


political website templates

The City Government is a theme designed solely for government offices and other local agencies. The theme is also compatible with all modern devices and mobile devices. The design also comes with a gallery, blog, menu, and a map. This is one of the political WordPress themes that enables you to use the Facebook fan page and other important features of the theme.

Political Press – Responsive WordPress Theme

This theme is the perfect theme for politics and public figure-related websites. This does not only limited to political candidates but can also be used for all politics-related websites. The theme has an easy theme option that sets the theme that will help you to modify and change the layout of your website. It also promotes an SEO-friendly website that keeps track of the ranking of your website on various search engines.

Liberty – Your Political WordPress Theme

political wordpress themes

If you want your website to have a decent and good look, this Political WordPress Theme will make your website a professional-looking one. It has a unique and beautiful feature which makes it one of the perfect and the best theme for you. With the help of the theme, you can even create your social circle. This theme will help you achieve all the goals you never had before.

The above list can be your great choice in building your next website. Get ready to choose from and enjoy the Political Theme that best suits you.