WordPress is one of the platforms used by everyone today especially for the purpose of blogging or marketing. This platform will help individuals to build their own websites. What is good about WordPress is that, there are thousands of themes available which will make it possible for everyone to establish their own website according to their needs, specialization, and preferences.

In WordPress, there are several themes that you can use and one of which is the Learning Management System WordPress. These LMS WordPress themes do great things for your WordPress. This is only not a theme, but it is also a learning system that you can use.

Are you looking for WordPress LMS themes? Would you like to experience the Learning Management System WordPress? Then here are over 10 LMS WordPress themes that you can use today which can satisfy and fulfill your needs.


WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

LMS WordPress Themes

The WPLMS is one of the WordPress LMS themes that you can use today. This Learning Management System WordPress is an education theme but at the same time, it is built with an eLearning suite that can be used by education institutions such as coaching centers, educational training centers, academies, colleges, universities, and more. This theme is intendedly made for those individuals who would like to market and generate their own courses online. This platform is being used by beginners and professionals as of today.


Education WordPress Theme | Education WP

wordpress lms theme

Another Learning Management System WordPress that can be used today is the Education WordPress Theme | Education WP. This is made for educational institutions integrated with a seamless design which makes it easy to use. This WordPress LMS is a game-changer for this generation because it consists of all the strengths that can be found in a Learning Management System WordPress. Its UX is also friendly and offers full features for eLearning.


Academy – Learning Management Theme

LMS WordPress Themes

If you are looking for a WordPress LMS theme that can help you market and share your knowledge on the web, this is the one that you are looking for. This is the theme that will help each individual to make teaching and learning fast and easy. Academy is the platform that helps in producing courses online like rating systems, a tracker for the course progress, and more.


LMS | Learning Management System, Education LMS WordPress Theme


LMS is another WordPress LMS theme that you can rely on. This is the platform that will let you enjoy features that will surely help you create your own online courses. Also, it has features that educators can take advantage such as teacher profile, quiz system, rating system, attachments, and more. LMS is a Learning Management System WordPress that will allow any user to establish their own education system on WordPress and other platforms. With this, creating a website is made easy, and also teaching and learning is being put on a whole new level.


Clever Course – Learning Management System Theme


Clever Course is a Learning Management System WordPress theme that will help schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to generate and market their own courses online. The courses that will be created with Clever Course can be divided into sections. Also, the user can make their own quiz online which will test the students/learners. When using this, users can either pay through PayMill, PayPal, Authorized.net, and more which makes every transaction fast and easy.


Masterstudy – Education WordPress Theme for Learning, Training and Education Center


If you are looking for a theme that you can use for Education business, then Masterstudy is the one that you are looking for. This is the LMS WordPress theme that tutors and education centers can take advantage of because it is fully equipped when it comes to the needs of tutors. Masterstudy has amazing features that will let every user share his or her own knowledge successfully. It allows the users to make their own courses and decide to whether have it paid or be free. The prices can be set through WooCommerce and the payments will be done through PayPal. Also, it has options for headers that will match the theme of your website.


Invent – Education Course College WordPress Theme


Invent is a theme that is meant for education which is integrated with uniqueness and modernity. This is the theme that will fulfill the needs of its users most likely the universities, colleges, and schools. It does not only help the educational institutions but it also helps the industries that focus on corporate and small business websites and design.


EDU – Educational, Courses, College WP Theme


If you are looking for a theme that is combined with satisfaction and awesomeness, EDU is the one. This is the LMS WordPress theme that is meant for websites that offer courses and tutorials. Also, EDU allows its users to personalize their site with the help of the SmoothThemes Framework, plugin, custom widget, and more. What is good about EDU is that, the designs and made responsive which makes it compatible with any device.


Guru | Learning Management WordPress Theme


Guru is another learning management system WordPress theme that you can take advantage. This theme is compatible with BuddyPress, WordPress, Event Calendar, and more. It contains features that will help you and other users built your own courses online, profile, rating system, and etc. It will help you build a page that can make teaching and learn fun and exciting.


Skilled – School Education Courses LMS WordPress Theme


Skilled is another theme that you can use today. It is powered by Visual Composer that fits colleges, universities, educational centers, schools, and more. This is also good for private tutors who would like to share their knowledge with everyone. Just like other themes, it also works as a way for users to create and market their courses online. This also has great features that will not only build your courses but will also help you establish an online shop.

These are the LMS WordPress Themes that you can use if you want to create a website devoted to education.