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Have you ever think you can display users count based on role, this post will show you how you can display user count based user role. WordPress has a builtin function for count user but you can’t display user count by role.

How to count user?

You will need to use count_users(); get count data available on your site, you will be able to find user count by role from this.

$user_count_data = count_users();

$avail_roles = $user_count_data['avail_roles'];
foreach ($avail_roles as $role_key=>$role_count){

                echo $role_key.':'.$role_count.'<br/>';


Out put will like this based on user


If you know the “role” you can also display directly the count value.

$user_count_data = count_users();
$avail_roles = $user_count_data['avail_roles'];

$author = $avail_roles['author']; /* User role author  */

echo $author
$administrator = $avail_roles['administrator']; /* User role administrator */
echo $administrator;

How to count total user?

$user_count_data = count_users();

$total_users = $user_count_data['total_users'];

echo $total_users;


If you are managed community blogs this will help you lot by displaying user count. to learn more the function please see details hereĀ count_users.

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