If you are running website that allows user registration and allows comment from anyone will see the new challenge is to protect unwanted user activity on your site. like comment spamming and temporary user registration are most terrible and disgusting too. you will be annoyed once you see most of the comments are coming from spamming and not related to your content nighter logical. you will have to remove them. although you can’t stop them 100%, i will show you the way to minimize the problem to solve the issue.


How to control user registration?

you need to install this plugin first.

Registration Control

After install you will see the option for the block email service, most of them spammy email service like mailcatch.com, 10miniutemail.com etc, most of the spammer are using these temporary email address. by this plugin you can block these domain for user registration, so that user will not able to register using these email. and also check other option too, set as you need and you are done.

User verification

Once the user registered you will need also verified email or the user really pass on vitrification process.

You will need to install this plugin. User Verification

after activating this plugin will send a verify mail for the verification, user will need to click the link on mail and complete the verification process.

I hope this way you can improve your site for protecting from spammers. test the both plugin same time you will never disappointing.