DartThemes give you 50% revenue share for each sale you made through your affiliate link, if you are professional blogger and affiliate marketer please welcome to join with us.

Get Your Affiliate Link

Lets make money together and share, you need to generate affiliate link first for tracking you made the sale.


Benefits for the Affiliates

Unlike other companies you will be thrilled by join with us.


Commission for the each sale
Most of the companies share only 30% or less revenue for each sale, we will give you 50% for each sale made through your affiliate link. we never hasitate for share our money. we belive on your skill and talent as a part of our team.


Minimum payment is $50
We will clear your payments just after reach 50$ on your account for total money you made. we will pay through payoneer card when you request for payout. although we are working for admding more payment methods for payout.

How Does It Works?

Interested to join our affiliates? lets see how its easy for you.

person Create Account

You will need to create an account first and send request for join, no fees, no credit card required. our affiliates team will review your request and approve.


link Generate Link

Once you approved as an affiliates on our site, you can start sharing our product link on your blog or network you like. don't forget to add your user name at the end of link.


attach_money Earn Money

when user click through your link come to our site and made purchase will tracking by your username to send the revenue share, you are done.


Rules & Requirments

Keep these rule on your mind. we will kick out these aren't follow our rules.

Feel free to follow

  • Joining our affiliate program is free, no monthly fee, credit card required.
  • You will earn 50% revenue from each sale made through your affiliate id.
  • Refunded sale will not be counted.
  • The tracking cookies are set 60 days. This means that if customers you referred did not buy on their first visit, but came back later (before the cookies expire) and bought our products, you will still receive commissions.
  • All the payment will be made via Payoneer card payment or card to card transfer. So it is required that you have a Payoneer account.
  • We will pay out commissions on the last day of each month (eg. payments for August will be sent on September 30th). Minimum payout is $50
  • We reserve the rights to reverse commissions on chargeback or fraud transactions.

Never practice

  • We do not accept coupon sites, fake visitor generator & unusual activity, spamming on social networking sites causes termination your affiliate & credits might get cancelled.
  • You can not earn commissions by offering coupons, discounts or deals for DartThemes templates/themes unless explicitly specified and approved
  • You are not permitted to run campaigns((ie. PPC, Google Adwords, Facebook ads et al)) using DartThemes brand, trademark or other intellectual property except the banners/resources we provide specifically for affiliate marketing.