Whenever you decide to create an affiliated marketing website, make sure to use a trusted, top-notch, and user-friendly tool that meets your expectations. In this regard, Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes proves to be intimidating that made perfectly mark your presence online.

Here, we enlist some of the best-affiliated marketing WordPress themes that show what you offer to the audience in the most appropriate way. These themes will make your viewers comfortable staying at your display and spend their valuable money and time. So, let’s go and look at the list thoroughly to find one that best suits you.


Blabber is an excellent choice for affiliate marketing WordPress themes. It is designed mainly to promote online magazines and bloggers. Blabber is a multipurpose WordPress affiliate marketing theme with a collection of 20 demo websites. Demos will help you to design web for travel sites, tech blogs, and options are endless. You need to tap on the right design that matches your content type, and it’s all done.

Blabber demos have unique homepages to showcase your feed of different categories. Plus, layouts have space for monetized content and advertisements. Additionally, you can insert related content on the article via a customized widget.

Blabber is well-integrated with the new WordPress editor so, you have a range of block options to make your article appealing. Although, we need to mention that this theme shows compatibility with the Elementor Page Builder tool. Thus, there are a variety of built-in layouts and content to ease off your task. Lastly, blabber also supports eCommerce and social media to help you earn and grow online.


If you want to produce an affiliate website having a bold layout with a cover image, Voice is the best affiliate marketing WordPress theme to go. It has shortcodes that offer elements like tabs, column layouts, and progress bars. Besides, custom sidebars, color variations, and widget design seem possible with Voice.

You will get support from WooCommerce and bbPress to insert an online store and discussion board to the website. Undoubtedly, Voice is an engaging WordPress theme for affiliate magazines and sites with a head-turning heading, monetized affiliated links, and aesthetic display of content.


CouponXL is an exclusive Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes to design coupon and discount deal websites aiming at a specific audience. CouponXL provides you ease in handling payments, customers, public orders, and interactions. CouponXL works in harmony with MailChimp makes it simple to send out mailers like a breeze.

Furthermore, there are options for color, customized fonts and background, SEO optimization, and relocating of deals. Not only that, the theme features ads and monetized content, social media integration, and a payment management system.  CouponXL is a powerful affiliated marketing WordPress theme to transform your dream site into reality.


Blurb is a WordPress theme that will make you go awe with exceptional eCommerce features. Blurb has an innovative product review and price assessment feature that can help your content earn appreciation from the audience.

It includes three unique yet flexible demos to design your project instantly. Plus, you will get 30+ layouts for the inner page, ready for the content to play around with. Blurb is the Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress theme withs an inclusive Elementor Page Builder to customize the layout as per the requirement.  Other perks of the Blurb theme comprise coupons, sliders, shortcodes, and various templates.

This WordPress theme is highly responsive, plus what is more interesting is the theme functionality. It allows an end-user to get registered and be able to share affiliated deals with your audience. Nonetheless, you still have full authority over how to control deals on your website. And, to earn some treats, charge your users a flat fee to publish their content.


REHub comes with a bundle of features like product reviews, assessment, and features to display it most fashionably. This affiliated marketing WordPress theme also deals with two eCommerce plug-ins; WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. You can make product listings via these two plug-insbesides the site’s inventory to increase your sale.

REHub comes with different flexible formats to publish content on the customized website. You have site configurations like a magazine layout, blogs, and online store design.  The theme makes it easy to handle outbound affiliated links to trail down the clicks. With the comparison table, you can display products in discrete units to increase your web traffic. One can’t afford to neglect the perks of REHub, so go and grab your theme right now.


Javelin is a flexible Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme for your affiliated website. It is also a multipurpose theme suitable for affiliate blogs, online stores, creative portfolios, and business websites. Javelin includes multiple demos, elements, and a built-in Page Builder. Additionally, you will get 40+ animations to work on appealing visuals of the site.

What’s next is Javelin provides multiple header logos where headers have nine unique layouts plus appealing footers and parallax feature. Moreover, Javelin integrates with WooCommerce and Revolution Slide plug-in to create aesthetic slideshows. Javelin is a very powerful WordPress theme worthy of your selection.


Zeen becomes the most refreshed affiliated marketing WordPress theme in the digital market. Their developers have brought some recent unique demos to the library, a collection of pre-made layouts, templates, and much more. Zeen can help you in fast quick reloading of your page on search engines, wondering how? Well, the theme comes with rapid optimization to ensure loading within an acclaimed timeframe. Even features like lazy loading can speed up your website for a high-end user experience.

Furthermore, to create your customized layouts, Zeen supports a custom-built Content Editor to make your article as flawless as possible. Want to be more creative with your website simplifies the theme options and Page Builder integration. In short, Zeen has packed everything you want to design your affiliate website.


Puva is a well-structured WordPress theme that will get on the right track to learn and earn simultaneously. Puva offers you a wide range of pre-design page layouts, Elementors, theme options, and much more. Theme more or less works like it supplies what you demand.

For someone willing to create product reviews and comparisons alongside an affiliated commission, you need to count on Puva. It is an affiliated marketing WordPress theme that works like a dream on any device and social platform. Mark your affiliated services with this superfast theme and, let yourself go with the flow.


Zox News

Zox News is a WordPress theme to help you design a content-rich website that attracts your ultimate readers lie a pro. Perks of having this affiliated marketing theme include templates, demos, SEO optimization, and whatnot. You have the freedom to select a unique layout each time when uploading new site content.

If you want your magazine site to resemble the well-recognized news portals, give Zox News a chance, and you won’t be disappointed. Design a striking homepage covering your wholesome content and featured images to influence viewer’s likes and clicks.

Most importantly, monetization of content with affiliated links has just made easy with Zox News. Themes contain designate space to display advertisements and banners. Also, it offers a Reviewers plug-in where the audience can search for affiliated links to get access to products.



MagPlus looks like an incredible piece for WordPress theme for especially in affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes. Magplus gives you 40+ demos to design your marketing websites in just one click. MagPlus will offer you a customized yet engaging site without coding, whether it’s about your promotional or affiliated content. Get your hands on fonts, sidebars, widgets, and colors to have a picture-perfect website.

MagPlus works in coordination with unique plug-ins like WooCommerce, Jumbo Pack, and yellow Pencil. It is a WordPress theme with 100% documentation, so give it a try today!