In recent years AdSense has been one of the most crucial parts of monetizing any website. And If you are looking to earn money from AdSense then opting for the best AdSense WordPress themes is the way to go. 

AdSense optimization is a really important part to look at if you are looking for a great way to earn money through click rates. And this is the reason why many AdSense WordPress themes are specifically designed to optimize your website for faster traffic and more profit.

 The Google AdSense WordPress themes are designed in a way where AdSense Adverts can be displayed and manage fairly easily. This will not only increase the overall revenue from your website but also offer the end-user a nice experience.

So, without any further ADO let us dive right in and look at the best AdSense WordPress themes in 2021.




VMag is a free and highly responsive AdSense WordPress theme that is designed perfectly for any kind of online newspaper, AdSense WordPress Themesprofessional blog, and magazine. The theme utilizes the customizer to which allows you to customize all of your settings with a life review. 

The theme offers many features like large images, vibrant colors, and your school typography. And this makes it a very good WordPress theme for magazines and editorial newspaper


MH magazine


Another good option on the list of Google AdSense WordPress themes is the MH magazine. This WordPress theme is a very good solution for news websites blogs in any other editorial-related online projects. The WordPress theme is AdSense ready and lets you effectively customize all the elements of the front page of your website. 

MH Magazine also offers a really good amount of location to place your ads of all shapes and sizes. the theme comes with 12 Demos and customizing option that is there to cover all of your website building needs



When it comes to the world of magazines, the first name that comes to your mind is the fox. The fox has been dominating the world of Google AdSense WordPress themes for a very long time now. This has been listed as one of the best-selling WordPress blog themes on the theme forest Marketplace.

The theme offers plenty of neutral Demos and minimalistic designs to help you publish any kind of content and advertisement on your website without any hassle. There are over 1000 Unique settings that you can tweak to customize your website to its fullest potential using the fox.



AdSense WordPress Themes

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that is highly optimized for Google AdSense then the newspaper is the way to go. with the templates available on the newspaper theme it will be an excellent tool for blogging, magazine, and publishing website.

The theme is also integrated with various monetizing options like BB press forum, WooCommerce, and also BuddyPress. The theme is SEO-friendly and supports Google AdSense.



As the name already suggests,  this is one of the best AdSense WordPress themes on the market. The goal of this theme is to be as Ad friendly as possible.  The theme is appropriate for content creators and bloggers who are trying to monetize their websites with AdSense. 

With Admania you will get to edit the place where you want your ad to show on your homepage full stop you also get a chance to try out three different layouts that the theme provides to fully customize your home page like your own.



If you are looking on the list of free AdSense WordPress themes then IsleMag is a great option. The developers of the theme stopped adding new features for the future. But it already has enough to make it one of the popular themes for WordPress. With more than 3000 downloads this AdSense-friendly  WordPress theme provides lots of features to make your website look unique and SEO friendly.

 And to top it all off, the theme is completely free to use. As a result, this makes it an ideal choice for someone who is starting with a tight budget.




Spotlight is a WordPress theme that makes it really easy to integrate Google AdSense into your website. The theme is designed to create a magazine on a news website for revenue generation. 

It offers five unique layouts for your homepage. and if you are trying to sell your products from the website there is good news, because spotlight also has eCommerce support.



 Hydra is a fully responsive theme specially designed to incorporate AdSense into your blogging website.  

The theme is highly versatile and offers you a lot of flexibility to customize your blog. It has over 80 customization options and more than 800 Google fonts. And features like infinite post-loading and custom short quotes with AJAX navigation, Hydra is one of the best AdSense WordPress themes to use.




If you are on the lookout to create a magazine-style website that will be AdSense friendly, then GoMedia is a really good option for you.

The theme includes four unique add location which you can enable or disable depending on your needs. It also comes with a very unique control panel system that lets you control various aspects of your website from one single space. 

GoMedia contains a massive number of custom widgets that will make your website much more interesting and interactive for the users.




Last but not least it is time to take a look at one of our most favorite Google AdSense WordPress themes in 2021.  And it is no other than Jannah.

Build for a magazine-based website, the theme is ideal for incorporating AdSense to your website and monitoring your website for better revenue generation. With this time you get a chance to utilize 22 of the Google  AdSense optimized Demos and fine-tune them to your specific needs.

In addition to the Demos, you will also get a slide revolution layers slider and many other page builder tools for customization.


To conclude


So that ends today’s list for the best Google AdSense WordPress themes.  All of the things mentioned above are highly flexible and will be a great tool to moniize your website to its fullest potential.