What you will get?

Here is the list of features you will have access with your membership.

You will get access for 6 month to download our library items and access to our DartThemes builder.

You will get access to our builder, unlimited design, all library items and export files.

You will get access to exort .html, .css, .php & WordPress page templates as .php file.

Access to our all library items, you can use these on your custom templates and export as you need.

You will able to export your styles as .css file.

You will able to export layouts as .php file ready to use on your WordPress themes file as page templates, can be used as static landing page.


Here is the list of highlighted features.

Most common layout items

Sections, container, row, columns are most common layout items for bootstrap and tailwindcss, these item has support unlimited level of child elements.

General HTML tags

We added almost all HTML5 tags, each tags has general options, attributes and style properties. some elements has support unlimited child elements.

Custom Assets

You can add your own custom CSS & JS file url or CDN url, there is options for custom breakpoints. adding custom Google fonts is also available.

Element Options

Each elements has general options, style options and attributes, you can customize each element by selecting, duplicate, remove and sort. we have added most common style property for elements like color, background color, font size and etc. there is class selector for bootstrap and tailewindcss.

Export HTML & CSS files

Export HTML and CSS files is super easy, once you completed design your page you can click to export HTML file and CSS file.

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